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          Patrick was born second child to a Los Angeles based costumer 1986. Finding an interest for Musical Theatre early in life he looked for chances to perform and built a firm foundation during his several first years. Though there was always the hope of pursuing a career in performing Patrick came from a large family of Educators. Knowing this to be a very noble profession he pursued a degree in Mathematics. Several times however his education was interrupted by his love of theatre and a need to perform. In a progressive move Patrick started attending classes at Santa Rosa Junior College and was able to participate in several performances both at the school and in local community theatres.


          As Patrick attempted to round out his education in theatre he set out to try his hand at Stage Managing. As this area of his life developed and was offered his first Managing position for the Junior College's production of Les Miserables he decided that Theatre was the direction that he needed to go. Transferring his energy full time into acting, singing and dancing Patrick is now more clear of his path towards a very unclear future.

Patrick St. John

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